Architect: Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Peterssen/Keller (P/K) Architecture is an award-winning full-service architecture and design firm based in Minneapolis that specializes in custom homes, lofts, cabins and boutique commercial projects. Our collaborative, client-focused design process results in unique residences that are as distinct as their owners. As residential architects and designers, we integrate sustainable design practices into every project, from small additions to LEED-certified new homes, finding solutions that merge environmental thinking with exceptional design. At Peterssen/Keller, every client is our passion, and every project is an opportunity to create a home crafted to last a generation. 

Kristine Anderson 

Kristine AndersonKristine Anderson is principal/designer at Peterssen/Keller (P/K) Architecture. For Kristine, architecture is storytelling. Whether she’s designing a stunning, organic modern home or a carefully crafted traditional home, she always creates a profoundly beautiful connection between the built environment and the land. 

A native of Arizona and California, she received her Master of Architecture degree from the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota College of Design, where she served as an adjunct assistant professor for 11 years and continues to engage with students through mentoring and studio critiques.

When Kristine’s not working, ​her artistic talents take her around the world in pursuit of the perfect backdrop for her next watercolor painting.

“Having spent much of my youth in the Sonoran Desert, I'm forever drawn to the beauty and stillness of the Arizona landscape. Our design for Desert Comfort takes inspiration from the amazing site, the textures of the desert and the changing colors of the sky to create harmony within the home."

Ted Martin 

Ted MartinTed Martin is project manager/architect at P/K Architecture. Guided by a passion for sustainability, Ted quietly pushes the boundaries of architecture and technology, designing award-winning modern homes that integrate naturally into the landscape while creating sanctuary and privacy. 

A native of Minnesota, Ted studied in Maine, Oregon, California, Nepal and Hong Kong and worked in Vancouver before returning home and joining P/K.

When he’s not designing, he enjoys biking, skiing and traveling with his family.

"Desert Comfort is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with an incredible team of design and construction experts from around the country to push the design concepts while integrating advanced building products and technologies into the home."