Mark LaLiberte

Mark LaLiberte is the co-founder and president of Construction Instruction Inc., in Denver, the leading provider of building science education in the U.S. Driven by a passion to build sustainable, healthy, safe, and durable homes in all climates, Mark has dedicated more than 35 years to the building industry. 

Through consulting, lectures, webinars, the CI app, and a suite of contextual multi-media solutions, Mark provides builders, architects and other construction professionals with technical insights, best practices, and real-world applications. Mark also consults with top manufacturers to develop products and services that serve homeowners, professionals, the economy, and the planet. He served as the 2013 Building Science co-chair for the Vision 2020 project and a voluntary board member for the Cold Climate Housing Research Center in Fairbanks, Alaska for more than a decade.

Mark has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA), where he developed the highly acclaimed Houses that Work lecture series.